Baby Steps - A Guide to Going on Walks With Your Newborn

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As a parent, walking is a fantastic way to stay healthy and get some much-needed time away from the house. However, especially for first-time parents, the idea of taking your newborn baby out into the world can cause a little bit of anxiety. This is because the outside world is full of things that you can’t control, from weather to germy hands looking to make their way toward your new child’s cheeks.

With that said, going on walks with your baby isn’t nearly as scary as it can initially seem, and with a little preparation, you can easily bypass a lot of the niggling concerns that come with it!

Get the Right Pram

Of course, the pram distributor would be the one to tout the benefits of a high quality pram, but bear with us.

Given that, in general, newborns aren’t exactly the most mobile of beings on their own, having the right pram for your needs is a very important factor in enjoying leisurely strolls. But what should you be looking for in a pram?

Well, aside from quality manufacturing, style and durability, the other factors to look out for are entirely dependant on your personal requirements. For example, the ABC Design Salsa 3 is lightweight and flexible, making it an excellent choice for long excursions and those that enjoy travelling often. Alternatively, the Zoom Twin Pram is far better suited to those with twins who need a sturdy, easily-maneuvered stroller that can accommodate both bubs!

Weather Wisdom

As you can imagine, the elements aren’t always ideal for a new baby, or a new parent for that matter. Because of this, many parents will avoid going outside at the sight of the smallest cloud; worrying that they might get caught trying to shield their baby from the rain a long distance from home. Luckily, there are a wide variety of options available for those who want to avoid the worry of potential downpours.

Products like a simple rain cover can be used to protect your child from rain and wind in less-favourable conditions, while additionally protecting from airborne germs in flu season.

Choosing Your Route

Given that your baby can be just as difficult to predict as the weather, with tantrums and diaper changes making long-distance on-foot travel difficult, choosing where you are going to walk ahead of time can make things significantly less stressful. That way, you can avoid rocky or uneven areas, map out areas that you can stop and have a break if you need to feed or change your baby and you can ensure that wherever you go is easy to return home from.

On trips where you decide to venture a little further out, having a charged phone with maps will save you from any potentially difficult situations if you need to get picked up or can’t find your way back.

It’s always going to be hard at first when you decide to take your baby out of the comfortable safety of your home. However, with the benefits of exercising and allowing your child to experience a world of new sights and sounds, it’s more than worth the preparation. For an exceptional range of stylish, high-quality prams and accessories, explore our website today!

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