What To Look Out for When Buying Double Prams And Strollers

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If you’re doubling down, or have picked up a two-for-one deal, double prams or strollers are the perfect solution for travelling with multiple children. There are two designs that double prams come in - there is the tandem model where one seat is behind the other, this is generally the preferred model as it still allows you to fit through regular doorways, and there is the twin model with two seats side by side.

Children’s Age Gap

The type of pram or stroller you buy depends a lot on the age gap between your children. If your kids are a year or two apart then a tandem double pram will be extremely useful. If the age gap stretches out to three or four years, then it might be worth looking at sit-and-stand variations that won’t take up quite as much room as a double pram. Double prams are brilliant for taking your children out on excursions, but obviously as they are larger than a standard pram, they take up a decent amount of space and are trickier to slot in next to your table at a café.


How well a pram steers and moves makes a world of difference when you are out navigating the big city streets, public transport and shopping centres. There are some basic features that make prams easier to push, the most important probably being swivel wheels. An ergonomic handle that can be adjusted to suit family members of differing heights is also extremely important. Parents typically spend a lot of time behind the wheel of strollers, so that last thing you want is to be hunch over and potentially doing damage to your back and posture. Make sure the handles are adjustable and suit your height.

Infant Carrycots

Carrycots are basically an universal bed for your baby, allowing the transition from car to pram as simple and streamlined as possible so that your baby can (hopefully) continue sleeping. Because prams can be a sizeable investment, it’s worth investing in one that can be used for a number of years as your child grows. Look for prams with adjustable seating arrangements, from cot to toddler stroller seats, so that you can get years of use out of your pram – especially if subsequent children then use the cot as your first baby progresses to the stroller seat.


The weight and size of your stroller makes a big difference to its manoeuvrability. Be sure that both parents, plus grandparents, are able to easily use the stroller. Some double prams are heavy and clunky, so be sure to pick one out that is as lightweight as possible – especially considering that fact that you will be loading it up with enough baby stuff to ensure two children return home in a suitable condition.

Collapsible Prams

Make sure that your pram is easy to collapse. Really, it should only take the lifting of a single lever and a bit of simple folding to collapse the pram. The last thing you want it to be struggling and yanking at levers and buttons while trying to collapse your pram in the middle of a shopping centre car park while one child screams at you and runs around the car, while the other is crying and wanting to go home. That situation creates one of those moments that ages a parent a number of years, and no amount of anti-wrinkle cream can undo what that experience has done. So check that you can easily collapse the pram, don’t just take the shop assistants word for it. 

Finally, be sure to measure your car boot and doorways at home just to double check that your pram will easily fit in and around your home! If you're looking for fantastic double prams and strollers get in touch with ABC Design today and view their wide range of high-quality products. 

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