ABC-Design Australia Warranty Terms and Conditions

Your product warranty is our quality promise to you. We guarantee that this product is free from defects in workmanship and manufacturing materials at the time of purchase. During the production process your product was subjected to various quality checks however if despite our best efforts your product shows signs of material or manufacturing fault within the warranty period we will comply with the warranty terms & conditions. For further details of these conditions please contact your local approved stockist.

After purchasing your product(s), please keep the original receipt safe in a safe place.The date of purchase should be clearly visible and is of importance to check when the product was purchased.

Your ABC Design products are automatically covered from the date that of purchase by a warranty against material or manufacturing defects. This warranty is offered in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.

Warranty Term

Chassis and seat frames – 12 consecutive months Wheels – 12 consecutive months Carrycot – 12 consecutive months Accessories – 6 consecutive months Seat fabrics, carrycot fabrics – 6 consecutive months

What Your Warranty Does Not Cover

Damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidental damage, improper use and damage caused by negligence, misuse and by not following the maintenance instructions.

The warranty is not valid in the following situations:

  1. In case of use or purpose other than described in the instruction manual.
  2. If the product is submitted for repair through a retailer / distributor that is not approved or authorised by us.
  3. If repairs have been carried out by third parties or a retailer who is not authorised or approved by us.
  4. If you have purchased your product over the internet from an unauthorised stockist, or have purchased 2nd hand.
  5. If the product serial number has been removed.

Where Your Warranty Applies

Your Warranty applies in the country of purchase only. The warranty applies to the first owner and is not transferrable.

What to Do in Case of Defects

If you feel there is a problem with your ABC Design product please contact your original approved stockist.

Important Information

Where repairs are carried out, this does not give entitlement to extension of the warranty.